Hi all #worldgeochat folks, I found out through the amazing Matt Miller that you can curate (or archive) a Twitter chat pretty easily using Tweetdeck. This is my first attempt at this so hopefully I have everyone's input from our "Talking Assessments" chat from Tuesday, January 15th. To learn to curate your own tweets, checkout Matt … Continue reading


Talking Assessments

Wow!! This has been an amazing ride coming onboard as a #worldgeochat moderator. It has been crazy since I was asked to do this and now is the first time I get to take charge of a chat and not just guest moderate. Are you ready? This week we will be talking about formative and … Continue reading Talking Assessments

Sorry #EduTwitter, we need to acknowledge failure

  This past week, @NatGeoEducation hosted #worldgeochat with the topic, "Learning from Failure." There were so many great examples shared of projects gone wrong and how we persevere and get past initial failures. The conversation continued long after #worldgeochat ended, and a Tweet really resonated with me. https://twitter.com/MrKoz31/status/1057777158578454528 We need to get past the EduTwitter … Continue reading Sorry #EduTwitter, we need to acknowledge failure

Graphic Novels & Author Visits – a huge win for my students 

I must start off by saying, I’m not a graphic novel reader. In the past year I’ve read (or listened to) close to 60 books, and only two have been graphic novels. It’s not that I don’t find them useful, they just aren’t my thing. One of the graphic novels I read was Illegal by … Continue reading Graphic Novels & Author Visits – a huge win for my students