When Ed and I first started messing with the idea of a geography chat group in November 2014, we never really imagined a network like we have today. We have dedicated, supportive educators who truly look to collaborate and make us all better. We’ve connected to amazing authors and organizations. We have all improved from this chat.

Over the years we’ve added and lost moderators, people who freely give their time to help build this community. People who plan our schedule, reach out to hosts, brainstorm questions, promote the chats, archive the chats and so many other tasks that need to happen to make this work. It’s a lot of work, but we’ve done it because we love what worldgeochat represents.

But life gets chaotic at times, and things change. Kids get older and need more rides, teaching assignments change, and to be honest exhaustion sets in. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this group (and I’ve learned so many), it’s that we have to make sure that we stay sane in order to be best for our families, friends, and students.

Long story short, as a moderator team, we’ve decided that it’s time to retire #worldgeochat. We took our time to make this decision and looked at all of the options we could think of, but when none of us felt that we could give this chat the attention and time it needed, we realized it was time.

Our last #worldgeochat will be Tuesday May 14 when we discuss “Professional Development in a #worldgeochat-less World.”

The hashtag will live on, the DM group will live on, and we’ll all still connect on Twitter, but our Tuesdays will get a little easier.

Thank you for 5 great years and we’re looking forward to whatever we find next!

Chris, Ed, Jen, Sam, Stewart, and James

2 thoughts on “Dear #worldgeochat,

    1. Thanks so much Tom! Thanks for all of the resources and ideas that you share each day with teachers! Also, your Digital Breakouts are AMAZING!


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