Tonight, long time #worldgeochat friend, James Caudill, leads us through how we can use comics in geography.

If you are like me, and know very little about this topic, here are a couple of resources to help you out!

How bringing comics into the classroom made me love teaching again – from Tim Smyth via PBS NewsHour.

Secondary Graphic Novel Recommendation – from our good friend Quinn Rollins.

And Tim Smyth’s History Comics and Comics in Education site.

And here are tonight’s questions:

1. In general, what do you think about comics in the classroom?

2. How do you think that comics could be used in a geography classroom?

3. What beers do you think you may face with using comics in your geography classroom?

4. What kind of technology would help you use comics in your classroom?

5. What is one comic that comes to mind that you could definitely use in your geography classroom?

6. If you could create a geography specific comic what would it be? (Character? Region? Issue?)

7. How could you have students create their own comics?

8. Let’s talk political cartoons. How do those connect to comics in your classroom?

9. What kind of comic would you like to have that you could use in your geography classroom?

Join us tonight and 9 Eastern/8 Central for the best hour of educhat on Twitter!

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