The joys of social studies

I'm writing this blog post on a cool, rainy, Chicago, October Saturday night. The setting here is important. Outside in my backyard are my 7th grade son and three of his friends. Despite the periodic rain, wind, and cooler temperatures, they are all sitting around a fire. About an hour ago they began searching for … Continue reading The joys of social studies


In a World of My Own (And What I’m Doing About It)

We as teachers are always looking for the most interactive, engaging, and exciting classrooms. We have learned to “teach like pirates” and to bring our passions in the classroom. We are inundated with all these amazing technological tools that will help to enhance our subjects. With world geography, our content is constantly changing what with … Continue reading In a World of My Own (And What I’m Doing About It)

#worldgeochat TONIGHT – Mastering the Media with @julnilsmith

Join #worldgeochat tonight, October 3 at 9 Eastern/8 Central as we talk about Media Literacy. Media Literacy is perhaps most important content that isn't being addressed enough by any of the contents. But Julie Smith, author of Master the Media can help us with that. If you haven't picked up a copy of her book, I … Continue reading #worldgeochat TONIGHT – Mastering the Media with @julnilsmith

The Grind

The start of the school year comes with such a rush of energy that is a floodgate opened after a heavy rain. Ideas that have been percolating for the entire summer are finally able to be put into practice. Student organization charts, seating plans, introductory lessons, engaging flipped or blended learning. The first few weeks … Continue reading The Grind