Wow!! This has been an amazing ride coming onboard as a #worldgeochat moderator. It has been crazy since I was asked to do this and now is the first time I get to take charge of a chat and not just guest moderate. Are you ready?

This week we will be talking about formative and summative assessments. Your WGC moderators chose this for a couple of reasons. The first is that all teachers use both kind of assessments (obviously) but we all have different strategies on how to do them.  #worldgeochat has always been a great way to share resources with the rest of the group and learn something new. The other reason is that formative assessments are part of my professional growth plan this year and I can’t wait to learn from you all. I often use things that I learn from the #worldgeochat community in the classroom because you all are amazing.

Here are our questions for the week when we kick off the chat at 8 Central/ 9 Eastern this Tuesday.

Q1) What are your favorite formative and summative assessments?

Q2) What tools do you use for formative and summative assessments?

Q3) How do you bring in student choice for formative and summative assessments?

Q4) What questions do you have about formative and summative assessments?

I look forward to chatting with everyone on Tuesday. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great week!

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