Hello #worldgeochat chatters! As we begin 2019, we wanted to let you know about some changes happening.

We’ve been doing #worldgeochat since 2014, which is amazing to think about. I tried to calculate a number of worldgeochats over the past five years, but I honestly can’t figure it out. My best guess is that there have been somewhere around 160 chats over the past five years, maybe a few more or less. And most of them have followed the same format – six questions, starting at 9 Eastern, lots of side conversations happening, jokes about Google Earth and water, and for a while, a DJ to accompany the chat!

But this year we noticed that about 30 minutes into the chat, the enthusiasm began to die out. People dropped out and the last 10 minutes were far too often a Twitter ghost town. So, it’s time to reboot!

We’re making some changes to start 2019!

  • Welcome our newest WGC moderator, Jame Caudill! James has always oozed excitement about our chat and we’re thrilled to have him join us officially!
  • Chats are now 30 minutes! You read that right, Lightning Round chats are the new norm! 30 minutes, 3-5 questions to keep it moving!
  • New time!!! Beginning January 22, WGC is making life a little easier on our Eastern Time Zone friends by starting at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central!

Worldgeochat is a chat that continues to evolve, so if there are other ideas that we should be thinking of, let us know! Our chat is as good as it is because of this amazing PLN!

Happy 2019!

Ed, James, Jen, Tyler, Chris, Sam, and Stewart

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