Guest post by this week’s #worldgeochat host Eric Nelson (@FANgeopolitics )

Hi everyone! 🏅

I’m looking forward to chatting this Tuesday night, January 23rd, about how to use sports (aka organized play) to boost teaching and learning, especially during big world events like the upcoming Winter Olympics!
“Sports” are one of the most relatable activities as they include all forms of competitive games by which participants aim to improve their skills. You could easily refer to school as a sport, especially if you ask students what they need to become more like players and managers in learning, ask yourself what you need to become more of a fan, and ask each other what we all need to feel more like owners at school. Sports can show us the power of play!
“Simply put, sport is an expression of people’s culture” – How Football Explains America

The questions for this week’s chat are listed below. Links in your responses are highly encouraged = A free account or awards for most valuable players will be given to the top resource-sharer following the chat!

Q1: Have you utilized sports in class lessons (or activities) in the past? If so, tell us a little about it!
Q2: How do sports explain globalization or respond to deep human needs?
Q3: What sports or sports team best reflect the culture and geography of where they’re played?
(i.e. the Minnesota Twins represent the “twin cities” of Minneapolis + St. Paul and their relationship to the Mississippi River)
Q4: What are your favorite history or geography lessons from sports?
Q5: How can we use the upcoming Winter Olympics to learn more about the world?
Q6: Do you have any other favorite sports or Olympic-themed resources to share?
Q7: Any other questions or needs related to sports or the upcoming Olympic Games that the @playfanschool team can help you out with? We all hope you’re joining us to compete for global competence (and fantastic prizes) in!

In the meantime checkout these resources:

About Fangeopolitics

All Star Teacher Tips

Olympic Challenge

Seven Videos About The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics via Larry Ferlazzo’s (@Larryferlazzo) website

A Beginning List For Learning About The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics via Larry Ferlazzo’s (@Larryferlazzo) website

Jerry Blumengarten’s (@cybraryman1) Olympics Page

KOREANS WILL MARCH TOGETHER AT THE OLYMPICS (with a fantastic teacher toolkit for the Olympics) via the National Geographic Education Blog (@NatGeoEducation)

We hope that you can join the conversation Tuesday night, January 23rd at 8 CST!

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