We’ve all been there… District Professional Development Day.  Where you are sent to a mandated district training that may or may not pertain to the content area or age group you teach.  Sometimes it’s a winner, sometimes it’s not, but rarely is there anything for geography teachers.  In fact, that is how so many geo teachers end up on Twitter, looking for information and ideas to feed their quest for geographic information and strategies.


Tuesday’s #worldgeochat will look into Professional Development.  Take a look at the questions below.  We hope you find something to pique your interest.  See you on the Twitters Tuesday night at 9 PM Eastern.  Use #worldgeochat to find us.

Professional Development Chat Questions —  

  1. Describe your DREAM professional development experience.
  2. Name a PD book you have read in the last 2 years that had a true impact on your teaching.  How did it change the way you approach teaching?
  3. What was your WORST PD experience? What made it so bad?
  4. What is lacking in geography education professional development?  What do teachers need?
  5. If you have lead PD, what are some tricks you use to keep teachers engaged?
  6. How do you informally coach teachers in your school?  How can individual teachers impact professional development of teachers in your building?
  7. We talked about engaging students last week, how can we engage teacher in professional development?
  8. What can you do in your school tomorrow to support teacher growth?

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