My Summer Reading Was AWESOME!

For some reason this summer was less busy than those in years past.  I had more time for myself than ever and I spent a great deal of time on my back porch, with my sweet puppies, reading many, many books. This picture doesn't include those I listened to on Audible --   Or those … Continue reading My Summer Reading Was AWESOME!

Chat Preview — All About China

This week #worldgeochat is sharing content, resources and strategies about China.  Students are fascinated by the size of China, the One Child Policy and it's place in the global economy.  As teachers how do we decide the most important topics to address with our students?  How do we sift through the mountains of resources available … Continue reading Chat Preview — All About China

SDG Superheros

I've been looking for a way to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals in to my AP Human Geography curriculum without having to delve into the very the specifics of each of the 17 goals.  I knew I wanted students to be familiar with the reasons for the goals, the specific goals and an overall understanding … Continue reading SDG Superheros

#worldgeochat Preview 3/13 Chat — AP Human Geography

Just in time to begin exam review planning, Tuesday night's #worldgeochat will discuss the 7 themes of AP Human Geography.  Hosted by Stewart Parker @parkersGeocats and Tyler George @GeorgeHistory, a couple of APHG's best AND hosts of #aphgchat, the questions will get you thinking about Human Geography content and resources to share with your students. … Continue reading #worldgeochat Preview 3/13 Chat — AP Human Geography

Sustainable Development Goals

On Tuesday's #worldgeochat the fabulous Jen Williams (@JenWilliamsEdu) hosted and led us through a great discussion on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  You can see the questions and introductory information here.  If you haven't investigated these goals established by the United Nations in 2015 as the next step to follow the Millennium Development Goals, … Continue reading Sustainable Development Goals