#worldgeochat Recap: Nov 7, 2017

This week’s chat was one of my favorite chats in recent memory. The energy and enthusiasm that participants shared their thoughts and perspectives, in addition to some great resources, was so incredibly balanced during the hour that I found it myself beaming with renewed energy for geography at the end of #worldgeochat. Let’s begin. I … Continue reading #worldgeochat Recap: Nov 7, 2017

Three Ways Google Mapping Can Help You in the Classroom

I was fortunate to write about a mapping platform that I love. Here is my NatGeoEdu blog post on Google Earth, Google MyMaps, and Google Earth Voyager (online edition)

National Geographic Education Blog

I’ve been a huge advocate for the use of online digital mapping the classroom ever since Google Earth was released as a desktop version back in 2006. Since then, Google has made sincere efforts to improve the quality and ease of their mapping, so that now I can say with confidence that you do not need to be a Google Earth Guru to use it in the classroom with students.

There are three ways that you can build your confidence and expertise that progress…

The New Google Earth Online version


Launched earlier this year, the new online version of Google Earth is the perfect place to start exploring our world. Students will be immediately drawn in by the beauty and ease of interacting with the platform. Teachers will feel at ease because there has already been substantial work put into developing lessons and explorations that align with standards and…

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The Grind

The start of the school year comes with such a rush of energy that is a floodgate opened after a heavy rain. Ideas that have been percolating for the entire summer are finally able to be put into practice. Student organization charts, seating plans, introductory lessons, engaging flipped or blended learning. The first few weeks … Continue reading The Grind