If you take a look at #worldgeochat during the week on Twitter, you’ll find references to podcast and audio stories from NPR.

A resource that I’m aware of, and has been on the “try to use soon” list, that utilizes audio stories is Listenwise, who just happens to be hosting #worldgeochat this week.

Check out the questions for Tuesday’s #worldgeochat!

Q1: Do you currently focus on teaching listening as a skill in your classroom? If so, how? 

Q2 – Have you taught with podcasts/public radio in your class? What are your favorite podcasts or tools to use? 

Q3: If you haven’t taught with podcasts, what is holding you back? If you have taught with podcasts, what has surprised you about using this media? 

Q4: Do you use audio stories to teach content, language, or listening comprehension? 

Q5: How might you set up your lesson around a podcast or public radio audio? Might you do whole class listening, flipped, blended, or 1:1 listening? 

Q6: How do primary sources help build connections for your students? Which ones do you use? 

Q7: How do podcasts and public radio differ from other mediums you teach with? How do your students react? 
Join us this Tuesday at 9 Eastern/8 Central as we talk podcast and public radio in the classroom!

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