This week #worldgeochat is sharing content, resources and strategies about China.  Students are fascinated by the size of China, the One Child Policy and it’s place in the global economy.  As teachers how do we decide the most important topics to address with our students?  How do we sift through the mountains of resources available to find the best ones for our students to develop an understanding of this complex and important country? The best way is to join forces with the #worldgeochat gang of course!  The questions for this week’s chat are below.


  1. How do you illustrate to students the great diversity of China — economically and culturally?
  2. How do we get students to view China as more than the “One Child Policy”?
  3. How do globalization and trade wars impact China?
  4. In what ways can we explain the importance of China’s relationship with North Korea?
  5. What is the ONE thing you want students to leave your room knowing about China?
  6. Share your best China teaching resource – lesson plan, article, video, podcast, political cartoon, map, etc.

So, join the #worldgeochat crew Tuesday, April 24th at 9 PM EDT for the fastest hour of professional development on Twitter.

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