aphg chat 3-13

Just in time to begin exam review planning, Tuesday night’s #worldgeochat will discuss the 7 themes of AP Human Geography.  Hosted by Stewart Parker @parkersGeocats and Tyler George @GeorgeHistory, a couple of APHG’s best AND hosts of #aphgchat, the questions will get you thinking about Human Geography content and resources to share with your students.

This week’s Questions…..

Question #1 –  What are the core topics that you teach to your students when you teach geography?

Question #2 –  APHG focuses a lot on the role population plays in the world, what do you think are the most important concepts students need to know about population and growth?

Question #3 – Looking into cultural diffusion and isolationism, how do you teach converging cultures and religious differences?

Questions #4 – International relations navigate economies, wars, and conflict as a whole, what is the most important concept to teach political geography to students?

Question #5 – The Ag unit is way more than just farmers in the field, how do you teach agriculture and food supply in your geography class? 

Questions #6 – Economic Development is an important concept in any geography course. What are the most important concepts for a student to understand while discussing this topic?

Question #7 – What are the most significant issues facing urban areas in the 21st century?

Question #8 – Share your favorite lesson or project that you do with your students! – be descriptive!

Hope to see many of you Tuesday night, March 13th at 9:00 EDT.  Use the #worlgeochat to find us!

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