This week, worldgeochat goes back to its roots as we have a regional chat about Africa.

The very first worldgeochat blog post I wrote was Teaching Africa Without All the Sadness. For tears I taught Africa through the lens of tragedy and pity. I got my kids to care about Africa, but they felt sorry for Africans, and didn’t appreciate the rich diversity of African cultures.

A few other must see resources before our chat are:

The Danger of a Single Story Ted Talk by Chimamanda Adichie

The Africa the media never shows you

Music Lyrics: Engaging Primary Sources – a great post from Ed

Hugh Masekela & his place in my classroom


And here are this week’s question…

  1. What are the 4 “must teach” topics about Africa today? How can we address these in the classroom?
  2. What themes or topics can use Africa as a case study?
  3. How can we break the “single story” mentality and help students see the diversity of Africa – culturally and naturally?
  4. Too often, Africa’s history is only addressed through conflict, what historic topics can be used to show a different perspective?
  5. How can we encourage students to think critically about Africa – what strategies do you use to move them beyond just what is in the media?
  6. Show and tell time! Share your best resource or lesson you have used to teach about Africa.
  7. What is something you’ve discovered or learned tonight that you can definitely use – shout out & thank the #worldgeochat’r who introduced you to it!

Join us Tuesday night at 9 Eastern/8 Central!

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