The Super Bowl, the Olympics and gamification… OH MY! This week in the #worldgeochat community is wicked exciting, as we will be exploring how to incorporate games within the classroom! Guest moderator Christian Conrad (@mrconrad_lhs), will be taking us on a journey as we discuss one of the hottest topics of student engagement: gamification!

Here are the questions. Drum roll please!!!


  • How do you define gamification?
  • In what ways can students benefit from a gamified model?
  • (3a) For teachers beginning the process of gamification, what should be the first step?
    (3b) How do you routinely infuse gamification without gamifying your whole course?
  • How do you keep students wanting to compete throughout the year?
  • What tools and/or resources have you felt are most helpful in the gamification process?
  • Reflecting on today’s topic, how will you incorporate gamification in your own classroom?


But what exactly is gamification? How do I even begin to wrap my brain around bringing points, power-ups, and games into the classroom? Don’t worry. It sounds overwhelming, but once you have the ground beneath your feet, you start to truly grasp it. Gamification is something I personally have been trying to incorporate within my classroom this year, and I’ve seen a huge difference. From small relay races and competition warm-ups to larger activities such as Breakouts and ClassCraft.

Here’s a list of where to begin:

Also, don’t miss out on even MORE gamification ideas on Monday night with #sschat. They’re being joined by Matthew Farber to discuss Game-Based Learning at 7PM Eastern.

Bring your game face this week! Happy SuperBowl Weekend!

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