For the past year I have served on our district’s new curriculum team. As we have written each new unit we needed to determine what words are essential for all students to know in regards to our geography/global studies curriculum. Let me say, there are a lot of words. Most of these terms are brand new to our students who have very little exposure to the study of geography prior to the start of their 7th grade year. As part of this curriculum team we must not only wrestle with what words are essential but we must also provide strategies to our teachers as to the most effective ways to provide this vocabulary instruction.

This Tuesday, December 5th at 8 PM CST, we will address these same questions as we discuss the vocabulary of geography and how best to get our students to speak like a geographer. The questions we plan to address during this chat are:

  1. Why is it important for students to learn subject area vocabulary?
  2. How do you address vocabulary in your classroom?
  3. What are some essential terms for young geographers?
  4. What strategies have you found to be most successful to teach vocabulary?
  5. What ways do you encourage students to incorporate geography terms when speaking?
  6. How do you get students to infuse subject area vocabulary in their writing?
  7. What are your best vocabulary resources?

In order to prepare for the chat you might want to preview these resources:

Check out the original  #speaklikeageographer hashtag started by Claire Power (@Miss_Power85 ) and Kate Stockings (@geography_kes ) for a wealth of images and resources.

Vocab Strategies & Resources: Because Words are Important

Tackling the Vocab Avalanche

Introducing Academic Vocabulary and “Stuff”

Enriching Academic Vocabulary: Strategies for Teaching Tier Two Words to E.L.L. Students by Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo ) via the New York Times Learning Network (@NYTimesLearning )

12 Ways to Learn Vocabulary With The New York Times (@NYTimesLearning )

The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis: (@coolcatteacher ) episode THE VOCABULARY DOCTORS: HOW TO TEACH VOCABULARY (A conversation with Dr. Kimberly Tyson and Dr. Angela Peery)

ASCD Podcast: Vocabulary Matters: 101 Ways to Help Students Overcome Word Poverty

Classroom Q and A Podcast: The 10 Best Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary in the Classroom

Two books worth checking out are:

Vocabularians: Integrated Word Study in the Middle Grades By  Brenda J Overturf

101 Strategies to Make Academic Vocabulary Stick By Marilee Sprenger (@MarileeSprenger  )

And one tech tool you all need to check out is Peardeck’s new and free Flash Card Factory. I had to check it out after reading Steve Wick’s (@WickedEdTech) awesome post about it. It worked great and I know my students can’t wait until we use it again. Try it out ASAP!

We hope you can join us for #worldgeochat this Tuesday night!


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