On November 14th, we were so lucky to have Kate Soules (@KateSoules) and Benjamin Marcus (@bpmarcus) who work with The Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute (@NewseumReligion ) host #worldgeochat. The chat they hosted focused on teaching world religions. This was a topic I know I needed more information on. I was thrilled to learn of so many exceptional resources to help improve my instruction on teaching world religions. For this post I wanted to gather all of the resources I learned about and put them in one location so that I can reference them in the future. The remainder of this post will be a composite list of those resources.

A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools 

Finding Common Ground: A First Amendment Guide to Religion and Public Schools 

Bible Electives in Public Schools: A Guide

C3 Framework Religious Studies Supplement, found on pages 92-97 of this document

Resources for Teaching American Religious Diversity from the Interfaith Center of New York

Six Guidelines for Teaching about Religion From Education Week (@educationweek

Seven Simple Steps to Include Religious Studies in a Lesson from Education Week (educationweek )

Interactive map about the religious landscape of the US created by the Pew Research Center (@pewresearch )

America’s Changing Religious Identity from Public Religion Research Institute

The Global Religious Landscape from the Pew Research Center (@pewresearch )

Religion for Breakfast YouTube Video Series

The Pluralism Project from Harvard University

BBC: Religions 

Introduction to Europe’s Languages & Religions from (@NatGeoEducation )

Languages and Religions of the United Kingdom and Ireland from (@NatGeoEducation )

Moorish Architecture from (@NatGeoEducation )

Hijab: Veiled in Controversy from (@NatGeoEducation )


Dastaars: Turbans are a fundamental part of Sikh identity from (@NatGeoEducation )

The Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute has semester-long courses offered here.

Which ones did I miss? What are your go to resources for teaching world religions?

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