Whenever I start talking history, for the first time, in my gloal studies course, inevitably a student will raise their hand to ask a question. No, its not can they go to the bathrrom. It ususally goes something like, “Mr. Casey why are we talking about history in a geography/global studies course?” I then explain to the student that in order to understand the world today, we often have to look back at the past to see how we got here.” Some examples I give are the areas where the world’s earliest civilizations began was not by chance but due to their proximity to fresh water.  Even cities much closer to home, like Chicago developed due to the fact that it is located on the southern coast of Lake Michigan. When we address imperialism, one of the major causes is countries trying to extract the resources from another nation. Wars have been fought over land such as the Axis power’s decision to start World War 2 for land and resources or even present day conflicts such as The Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Aspects of our own cultures can be traced back through history.

This topic, integrating history into your world geography/global studies classroom is the subject of this week’s #worldgeochat. The 6 questions for this week’s chat are:

  1. Why do you need to include history into a geography/global studies course?
  2. What are some examples of historical events that you have to understand the physical geography to fully understand the event?
  3. How do you engage students that claim that they are bored by history?
  4. What are some pitfalls to avoid when incorporating history?
  5. What are your favorite lessons that focus on primary sources?
  6. What are your favorite or best lessons that include history?

If you are looking for some resources to preview before this week’s chat I suggest checking out the following:

National Geographic article “How Geography Shaped American History, Law and Politics”

I’ve written 2 posts on using simulations to address historical topics: “The One Lesson I Remember From Jr High” and “Increasing Engagement With Simulations (Part 2)”

I’ve also written 3 posts on how I use primary sources in my class, “Do you want to build a text set?” , “All the Feels with Primary Sources”, and “Music Lyrics: Engaging Primary Sources”

The YouTube video “Geography’s Influence on World History, Society and Human Development” by Keith Hughes ( @hiphughes )

We hope you can join us for this chat this Tuesday night, November 7th, at 8 CST!

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