If you go back and look at what I’ve written about most for the #worldgeochat blog, it is without question, Taking Action!

Taking Action is perhaps the most important piece of any inquiry unit. It’s the chance to extend the learning into the real world. It is truly my passion!

Want to read up about taking action before the chat?

Check out these posts from the #worldgeochat blog:

The Bitter Side of Sweet 

What do you get from a Walk for Water? 

Take Action Fridays – What I hoped for, and what I got 

The Power of Taking Action

And then check out these resources as well!

Do Something

5 Ways Kids Can Service Communities

35 Service Projects for Kids

And here are the questions for Tuesday night’s chat!

  1. What have your experiences been (personal or professional) in taking action?
  2. How do you find topics to inspire your students to take action?
  3. How do you best get started/launch a take action project?
  4. How do you encourage student buy in for a take action project?
  5. How can we inspire action as part of the U.N. Global goals?
  6. How do we help students Take Action without doing drives or money collections?
  7. Share what your dream Take Action project would be for your students. How would you start? Who would benefit?

Join #worldgeochat Tuesday, September 26 at 9 Eastern/8 Central and talk about the power of TAKING ACTION!


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