This week, #worldgeochat returns from summer break!  We are talking about being recharged to tackle a new school year.  All teachers know summer is a time to reflect about the school year just finished, rest and relax and then get inspired to take on the next group of students.


Worldgeochat (minus Ed) attended the National Council for Geographic Education in Albuquerque, New Mexico this summer and collected many ideas to bring back to our schools and classrooms.   We also spend some time reading PD books.  Some of our favorites are:


Now, we want to know what inspired you.  Check out the chat questions below and join us Tuesday night at 9PM EST.

  1. What did you do this summer to recharge?
  2. If you were asked to share at a faculty meeting your best professional development  experience of the summer, what resource would you share?
  3. What new idea are you most excited to implement in your classes this year?
  4. What advice would you give to a new geography teacher on starting the school year?
  5. Share a “victory” story about your first day/week/month of teaching geography.

We can’t wait to hear what everyone has been up to all summer!

Join in the fun Tuesday at 9 Eastern/8 Central/7 Mountain/6 Pacific!


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