I am a teacher, why am I here?

I am a teacher because I care. I am here because all too often, no one else is.


I care about you

I care about your future

I care about your past

I care about how well you slept, or if you slept at all

I care about your health

I care about your mind

I care about when you last ate

 I care about your safety

I care about your security

I care about your boredom

I care about your laughter

I care about your happiness

I care about your inspiration

I care about your art

I care about your craft

I care about my subject

I care about learning

I care about learning to love learning

I care about your interest in my class

I care about challenging your perspectives

I care about you challenging mine


I care about your anger

I care about your rage

I care about how you use your anger and your rage

I care about your integrity

I care about how you express yourself

I care about who you want to be


I care about how you treat others

I care about how you treat yourself

I care about how others might ‘see’ you

I care about how you see yourself


I care about curiosity

I care about laughter

I care about remembering you

I care about you when I see you ten years from now

I care about you if you have passed away


I care about you

I am a teacher, I am here

In our society there are so many children who are forgotten, who are mistreated, who do not have a place outside of school where they are safe (both physically and emotionally). My classroom is often the only place where they feel a sense of belonging and security. It will not let them down. According to Duke University’s Child welfare study (2014), 20% of children families live at or below the poverty line. 20% of my students. 20% of your students. 20% of your children’s friends. 20% is too many. The question of how to motivate students often comes up. There needs to be a greater focus on teaching preservice teacher specific skills in motivating students. More studies like this one from NIH that implies that with proper support and instruction, autonomous motivation can be taught which might lead to better results (this was a medical school student population… it was hard to find one for middle school…). These studies need to be funded in the middle and high schools to get a better handle on how teachers can provide actionable skills for their students that can positively affect their motivation and success.


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