We’ve reflected on our school years, now, we’re reflecting on our chat.

The 3rd year of worldgeochat was amazing – we brought in great guest moderators, shared resources, got @NatGeoEducation to become a regular part of our chat (a goal from Day 1), expanded our PLN, and whipped together a book club in 10 days! We have a lot to be proud of and happy about, but, like all teachers, we strive to improve!

So, what can worldgeochat do to make our PLN better? We’re rolled out this blog which as of today has 8000 views since April. We’ve talked about podcasting, but need some ideas there.  We’re presenting about the power of social media at the National Conference for Geography Education. But we know there is more to be done.

Comment below with ANY ideas to make us stronger. Topics, ways to reach more teachers, or anything else. We’re coming back August 29 better than ever!

– Pete, Jen, Sam, Ed, & Chris


2 thoughts on “Worldgeochat – Summer 2017

  1. I think you should re-visit some of the chats that were most successful. Many of us missed them and ideas shift and change with time and experience. I had some scheduling conflicts, but look forward to chatting this year!

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