I need to find a better way to keep in contact with all the #worldgeochat’rs. We have a direct message group on Twitter, but that only allows 50 of us to collaborate. Only 50!

Last week a discussion popped up in that group about doing a Summer Read for worldgeochat. Ideas were floated and shared on a Google Form, but there was a clear winner. More than half the people who submitted titles asked for Play Like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins (@jedikermit).

Last Fall, Quinn was kind enough to host a worldgeochat for us, so when we approached him to ask if he’d be willing to lead a group chat on his book, we were pretty sure of what the answer would be. And he didn’t disappoint.

Over the next four weeks, we’ll have 30 minute chats on Tuesday nights from 9:00-9:30 Eastern/8:00-8:30 Central/7:00-7:30 Mountain/6:00-6:30 Pacific.

Tentatively, the topics are:

June 6 – Introduction and the Power of Play

June 13 – Toys in the classroom

June 20 – Games in the classroom

June 27 – Comics and graphic novels in the classroom

So, pick up a copy of Play Like a Pirate today and get reading!

At Amazon

At Barnes and Noble

Looking forward to a great #WGCreads!

Quinn, Ed, Sam, Pete, Jen, & Chris



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