I’ve blogged before about how NCSS13 impacted my life. I saw Dave Burgess, found a great lesson on using music to teach Apartheid that @ecasey77 and I still use (Ed blogged about it here), learned about global education from Teachers for Global Classrooms, and learned about H2O for Life for Schools (@h2oschools). Looking at this list, I realize how many amazing things come from going to conferences like NCSS, but that is a post for another day.

This year was the 4th Annual Walk for Water. In a Walk for Water, students carry 2-5 gallons of water three miles to experience, just for one night, what millions of kids their age and younger do multiple times a day, everyday. Our Walk has grown from just my classes to now four schools (all represented in the worldgeochat community).


Ed, Ellie, Chris, & Jessica – The worldgeochat crew comes together!

The local public access channel did a story.


But rather than me write about what students got from the experience of planning and participating in a Walk for Water, I’ll have them tell you. I asked them to just tell me what they got from the experience – no other prompt.

Here are their responses.

It doesn’t really matter what the task was, the answers would have been similar for any Take Action project. My students learned a lot about the content of water scarcity, but they learned even more about themselves and what they can accomplish with just a little help from teachers willing to give them the chance!

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