This week’s #worldgeochat focuses on using Google Earth as an instructional tool.  While we were briefly toying with the idea of trying to do a live tutorial for GE during the hour, it became clear that it would cause more headaches than positive interactions so we are keeping with what we do well. That being said, always come ready to ask questions and we can answer them the best we can during the chat.

You can preview the chat questions below —

  1. What has been your personal/professional experience with Google Earth?
  2. In a perfect world, how do you envision Google Earth being used in the classroom? In the real world, share how you imagine using Google Earth in your specific classroom?
  3. Compare and contrast GoogleMyMaps and Google Earth (both platform version and online version). What are some pros and cons?
  4. What roadblocks have you encountered to using Google Earth in your classroom? What can be done to remove the roadblocks?
  5. What’s the coolest, weirdest thing you’ve seen/explored/encountered in Google Earth? Screenshots if you can!

Here are some resources for preview before Tuesday’s chat. You might want to poke around and play with both Google Earth and MyMaps before the chat so you can come with questions and ideas.

New Online Google Earth

Google Earth Desktop Version

Help using Google MyMaps


GEteach (a site created by our very own #worldgeochat regular @jwilliams! You should check it out!)

I’ve also written a number of posts on teaching with Google Earth:

Why Google Earth is so awesome for teachers

Google Earth Navigation Hacks

Creating your first Google Earth content is harder than it looks

Nuts and Bolts of building content in Google Earth

This easy Google Earth activity will get you started

Join #worldgeochat Tuesdays at 9pm on Twitter where educators gather to discuss the importance of geography and the unique challenges our discipline faces in education.

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