With the technology that is available nowadays, the world is truly at our fingertips. Thanks to social media and video conferencing, I can stay in touch with my friends in Thailand, chat and organize with the fellow #worldgeochat moderators, and have conversations with friends and family from all over the world.

This week on Tuesday at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST, we’re discussing how we can harness the technology to have our students connect all over the world.

Some resources to review:

Microsoft Education & Skype – Haven’t tried Mystery Skype or using Skype in the Classroom? Get started here!

5 Ways to Inspire Students Through Global Collaboration

Questions for Tuesday night:

  1. Two-parter!
    • 1a.  How has technology changed the way we connect around the world?
    • 1b.  How can we connect globally when there’s a lack of technology?
  2. How do you balance curriculum/standards with making time for global connections?
  3. What do you as a teacher and students have to do to prepare for these connections?
  4. What pitfalls should you be aware of when preparing to connect you class?
  5. How can you make these connections more than 1 day events?
  6. Share some resources/experiences that have connected your students to others around the world.

Can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday night, the best night there is!

Want to see what’s up for future #worldgeochat chats? Click here!


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