Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

First off, May the Fourth be with you all! The “fourth,” strength and inspiration has been with me all week with Teacher Appreciation Week, and what a week it’s been.

For our school, we are 33 school days away from the last day of school. With 33 school days left, we have:

  • One whole intense unit left
  • MCAS standardized testing
  • A district common assessment students must complete
  • Teacher evidence due
  • Tuesday afternoon Drama Clubs
  • SMART Goals to achieve
  • Talent Shows
  • Assemblies
  • Days of Remembrance (related to the Holocaust)
  • A field trip to the Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA
  • To make sure students are still engaged
  • Plus so much more!

Oh right, and we have to teach!

Teacher Appreciation Week comes at a good time. Teachers feel overwhelmed, bogged down, drained of energy, and as if crunch time means no more fun within the classroom (or at least that’s how I feel). Although April Vacation to Disney World was a HUGE revitalizer for me a couple of weeks ago, the moment I walked back into the school I felt the weight of the last two months of school return.

The Student Council at our school makes sure that Teacher Appreciation Week is truly our week. Monday, 6th, 7th and 8th grade Student Council members dress up in suits, ties, and spring dresses, lay out the “red carpet” and greet and cheer for us as teachers enter the building plus offer to carry our bags to our classrooms. Mondays are always rough (especially closer to the end of the year). But this just truly brightened my day!

Tuesday, the Student Council members got ALL students involved by creating a Wall of Appreciation and Thanks. Oh my goodness, let the happy tears flow and the chests swell with pride. There were two prompts: either “Thank you for…” or “I’ll never forget the time that my teacher…:” Students didn’t use specific teacher names because the kids were in strong agreement that much of what people wrote could apply to more than one teacher. The image above shows how bright, colorful and positive

Wednesday, WE FEAST! What do teachers enjoy the most? Fruits and vegetables? Nah. Bring on the sugar, chips and yummy delicious snackie snacks. Students brought in wonderful treats

Today, Thursday, and tomorrow is still a mystery, but this week has definitely revitalized me. Having students recognize and acknowledge the hard work that we teachers do.

[Update: Thursday was a surprise breakfast supplied by Panera Bread and baked goodies from students. Student Council took our order at the entrance to our school, made our breakfast, then delivered to our classrooms. The energy, enthusiasm, and generosity of our student body continues to grow!]

I also want to take this moment to acknowledge and thank the educators on Twitter who have helped shape the way I teach and who have helped me become a better human being.


  • @Jim_dEntremont: My mentor, my fellow social studies teacher, and my guide. You’ve helped me so very much by giving me the energy, encouragement and guidance for teaching world geography. I will always be grateful for all you do, did and will do.
  • My fellow #worldgeochat moderators (@jmgarner2003, @GeoSpiegs, @cheffernan75, @ecasey77): I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you guys. You encourage me to push myself to be a better person and better educator. You took me under your wing and introduced me to a whole new world of resources and connections. You’re all the best!
  • @CDonahue48: You were the first teacher to show me around the school, and you always bring such brightness and joy to the school.
  • @allinreading: Thank you for revitalizing my own personal passion of learning and giving me an opportunity to share my love for reading with students. The fact that students get so involved and inspired by a book is out of this world to me!
  • #worldgeochat followers!
  • And all of the wonderful groups, companies, and organizations who are just too many to mention

These were just a list of the folks on Twitter. I’ll never forget some of my teachers who have made me into who I am today. Thank you for all you’ve done! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you all!

Who have you thanked this week?


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