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I have a confession to make — I get bored easily.  I don’t like to do the same thing over and over again.  I’m always the one looking for a new restaurant, a new city to explore, a new play or concert to see.  I like new experiences.  I’m not interested in revisiting somewhere I’ve already been.

Which makes it crazy that I’ve been teaching the same subject for the past 15 years — BUT I’ve never taught it the same way twice.  I’m an avid reader, constantly reading blogs, books and articles that inspire me to change up my teaching box of tricks.

This week has been a great one for inspiration.  I’m sharing my favorites with you below.

How to print Custom Sticky Notes  from Learning in Hand — this is just way too cool.  I’ve got to try this… soon.

sticky note

What to Do on Lame Duck School Days from Cult of Pedagogy — great ideas for how to keep students learning even after high stakes testing is over.

Love this idea from Caitlin Tucker for addressing missing assignments — Students Email Their Parents About Missing Work

This six minute Vox video is the best explanation of the Syrian conflict I’ve seen.  After I showed it to my students, one student yelled out –“now I get it!”

I was struggling to get my 9th graders to write more detailed information in the Free Response Questions and this image from Mrs. Hiner’s Headlines on Digging Deeper helped me explain it better.

dig is a favorite resource of mine and I was terribly saddened by the death of creator Hans Rosling a few months ago.  This page of downloadable charts is a good place to start using this resource.


This New York Times photo essay on commercial agriculture is fascinating.

I love nothing better than a great book list and this one from Making Lemonade has me dreaming of my summer reading list.

Well, there you have, the best of my research this week.  What has inspired you lately?

6 thoughts on “What has inspired me this week?

  1. Printed sticky notes?! YES PLEASE! Such awesome inspirational lists, Jen. I’ve been looking for good reading books and this is awesome. How do you read your blogs every day? Any app to suggest?

    What has inspired me this week: I watched the movie “Patriots Day” this week with Mark Wahlberg and about the Boston Bombings. Being from Massachusetts, this movie was eye-opening and a powerful reminder of “Boston Strong.” We are actually fortunate to have the father of the 8 year old boy, Martin Richard, coming to speak to our school in 2 weeks. The stories of inspiration, hope, and courage are what has inspired me this week and are what I’m looking forward to.


    1. Sam — We watched “Patriot’s Day” a couple of weeks ago and I though it was so well done, certainly an inspiring story. One of my former students was running the marathon that day and I have always had a particular interest in the events.


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