This Tuesday, April 25, #worldgeochat is talking about Taking Action in geography classes.

I’ve given my students this example. If you were to go to the doctor complaining of pain, it’s not good enough for him/her to just know what is wrong with you, you need that doctor to Take Action to help you. Our students should do the same with the knowledge they have!

A few resources that might be helpful:

Taking Informed Action

C3 Framework (Dimension 4)

Our questions for Tuesday:

  1. How does Taking Action differ from service learning?
  2. How do you introduce the concept of taking action to students?
  3. What topics are perfect for Taking Action?
  4. What potential pitfalls could prevent Ts from having their students Take Action?
  5. How do we help students Take Action without doing drives or money collections?
  6. Share what your dream Take Action project would be for your students. How would you start? Who would benefit?

Jtake-actionoin in the fun Tuesday at 9 Eastern/8 Central/7 Mountain/6 Pacific!

Want to know what topics are coming up next? Check out Future #worldgeochat topics.



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