Grading 2

On Tuesday, April 11th, #worldgeochat will discuss grading practices in the geography classroom. This can be a contentious topic as what goes into a grade and grading practices can vary widely within a school building let alone across the nation and the world. With this chat we hope to discover what practices in regards to assessments, feedback, and grading have been most effective in your classroom. The questions for Tuesday night’s chat are as follows:

1. What types of things do you put in your grade book?

2. What summative assessments have been most effective for you?

3. What have been your experiences with standards based grading?

4. What is your re-test/retake policy for assessments?

5. What is your best ways and times to provide feedback to students? 

6. What changes would you like to make to your grading practices?

* Question 3 deals with the topic of standards based grading. If you are looking for more information about what standards based grading is here are some resources to review prior to Tuesday night’s chat:

“Standards-Based Grading: It’s The Right Thing To Do” by Ken O’Connor

“Putting Standards-Based Grading Into Action” by Stephanie Pinkin via Education Week Teacher

Grading Practices Videos by Rick Wormeli

We hope you can join us Tuesday night!