spring-break-Ahhhhh… Spring Break. Not going to lie, I need this break. It’s been a very busy semester and my brain and body need a break before the push to the AP Human Geography Exam, then finals, then graduation. We usually travel somewhere, but this year we are staying put and I’m thrilled. One on one time with my family, a time to catch up on house stuff that seems to always get pushed back for school and more importantly, free time to read. I’m a avid reader and no one loves a good book more than me.

I took great care is selecting my Spring Break Reading List. I wanted a mix of Professional Development, History/Geography content and great fiction. Here’s what I decided on….

Blended Learning by Catlin R. Tucker — this book was highly recommended to me by a classmate in the Teacher Leadership Endorsement in which I am currently enrolled. It is the book that most influenced her switch to a blended learning classroom. It also was a nice fit with our #worldgeochat topic this week.

Never Underestimate your Teachers by Robyn R. Jackson — Through the Teacher Leadership Endorsement Program I have become very interested in Instructional Coaching and guiding teachers to reach their full potential. This book is an ASCD publication, which sometimes I find have a bit too much research and not as much practical application, but this book is different. At the end of each chapter is a chart with Takeaways from the chapter content, exactly what an Instructional Coach needs to be able to assist teachers in improving their craft.

Prisoners of Geography: 10 Maps That Explain Everything About the World by Tim Marshall — I’m not sure these 10 maps explain EVERYTHING you need to know about the world, BUT they do give a basic understanding of the role geography plays in the global politics of today.  I’m previewing this book for the AP Human Geography Boot Camp I will be running this summer.

The Girls by Emma Cline — This is my book club’s selection for April and I can’t wait to dig into it. It is about a group of girls who get caught up in a very Masonesque cult in California in the 1960s and their regrets years later.

Blood at the Root by Patrick Phillips — This book is about a very dark time in the history of the community in which I live and teach. It has gained national attention since its publication, especially in light of recent racial tensions. I know many of the families mentioned in the book and several locations are part of my drive to and from school daily.  I will be hearing the author speak on Saturday, April 8th, I know I HAVE to finish this one.

Well, that’s my Spring Break Reading List — what’s on your list? Let me know in the comments what you are reading. I’m always looking to add to my “want to be read” list. Has anyone read the books on my list? I’d be interested in your thoughts below as well.

2 thoughts on “My Spring Break Reading List

  1. I’d love to read a follow up on what you thought of “Prisoner’s of Geography” from teacher-perspective. It’s on my wish list!

    Favorite teaching refresh book = “Top 20 Teachers” goo.gl/WJvAW6

    Favorite new world geography book I haven’t totally finished, but is good for cherry-picking chapters and maps = “Connectography” goo.gl/6XIwVZ


    1. I really like Prisoners of Geography for students because each chapter is a separate country or region. Makes it easy to focus on specific geo concepts. Once students finish the book, they can then make connections between regions. Makes it easy to scaffold understanding.
      Thanks for the book recommendations! Added Connectography to my wish list. Prisonsers is easy to cherry-pick too. I’m using it for a week long APHG boot camp I’m doing this summer and only using 4 chapters.


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